Monday, November 5, 2012


I meant to write this weeks ago. I shouldn't allow myself to talk me out of things.


This election isn't about economics. Don't let the debates and political ads fool you.
There is so much more at stake this election. Economic hardships can be altered by congressional cooperation or by the money hungry board members of huge conglomerates deciding to actually BE part of America and not just bleed Americans dry. Economic changes need not require laws to be passed, and do not take a Supreme Court decision to reverse.

What this election is actually about is civil and human rights. Once a law is passed denying anyone civil rights such as marriage or human rights such as health care, it takes many years and several appellate courts often reaching the Supreme Court to be declared unconstitutional before a law is overturned for good.

A president, congressman, senator, or neighbor who sees humans as having equal rights, will also be more likely to see humans as equal in other aspects as well.

Vote on human rights with your ballot, vote on the economy with your wallet.

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  1. Thank you. Christi, for writing about this. There have been so many attempts to distract people from the actual issues.Vote your conscience and the choice will be clear. Thanks, Tricia (@sparcharge on Twitter)