Sunday, February 5, 2012

More New Things

New things this week:
  • I had dinner with my brother, sister-in-law, and dad. 
  • I had asparagus stuffed chicken for the first time. Yummy!
  • Watched a BBC show called Top Gear, and learned that a Nissan pickup converted to an amphibious vehicle (correctly of course) can make it from England to France across the English Channel.
  • While playing a game of Trivial Pursuit I learned that Ben and Jerry's retired flavors go to the Flavor Graveyard. I love that the cartouche on each gravestone has angel wings on the ice cream cone. My brother pointed that out to me. That still cracks me up.  
  • Chemistry:
    • Well, I learned that I need a lower lever class right now, since I've forgotten so much. I don't know a covalent bond from a Sean Connery Bond. ;)
    • Switched to Principles of Chemical Science.
    • The first video lecture was an introduction of the professors. Both are women, which makes me happy. 
  • Calculus:
    • I learned that I can take 3 pages of notes and still not understand what he was writing on the blackboard. :)
    • I'll have to do some background reading on polynomials brush up on Algebra III.
  • I was reading the lecture notes for the chemistry class and they mentioned rules and policies regarding 'clicker use'. I had no idea what they were talking about. The first thing that came to mind was those noise making clickers that some dog trainers use. I knew that couldn't be right. So I found out that many colleges are using 'clickers' to encourage interaction in classrooms. Village Voice wrote an article about clickers last year.
  • Oooo! And, I learned how to turn off the 'Sidebar' and the 'Ticker' on Facebook. Woohoo! 

  • To make the ticker go away. Click the icon (circled in purple in this picture) on your Facebook page. 
    To make the sidebar go away. Click the icon (circled in pink in this picture) on your Facebook page. 

Not A bad job for my first week of learning new things. :D

Oh! Also, I learned that Google Chrome's built-in spell checker, is kind of lacking. It didn't recognize 'cartouche' or 'covalent' and I double checked them on 

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